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Stay active this winter by walking to The Cabin Coffeehouse and Cafe for a cup of tea.

Posted: Jan 17, 09:29 AM

BEMIDJI, MINNESOTA (January 17, 2012) – FREE hot tea or ice tea with any purchase at The Cabin Coffeehouse and Cafe on Tuesdays in January (2012). Come to “The Cabin” to celebrate National Tea Month!

This morning I stopped by The Cabin and enjoyed a Chai Spice Black tea with a lemon bar. Both were delicious!

If you’re a trivia kind of person, Noemi Aylesworth, the owner of The Cabin Coffeehouse and Cafe, has posted some trivia on their Facebook event page…and if you stop by The Cabin, you could use one of the computers made available to customers FREE of charge (awesome by the way, thanks Noemi!) and find out some more tea information on:

■Who made the first tea bags?
■When were the first tea bags made?
■What were the first tea bags made of?
■What is the difference between black, green and oolong tea?
■Which has more caffeine and how much more – tea or coffee?
■Which type of teas contain a type of antioxidant called flavenoids?
■What is the maximum amount of caffeine in a cup of tea to be labled “decaffeinated”?
Out and about in the Bemidji community at 8:00am on Tuesday morning, the day after a holiday, it’s pretty quiet.

During my non-bicycling winter months here in the northwoods, I stay active by ice skating and hopefully soon, skiing. Noemi is an advocate for walking and is featured on one of the many Active Living kiosks placed throughout the City of Bemidji. Her featured kiosk is on 3rd Street, right across the street from The Cabin Coffeehouse and Cafe.

Do you know how your neighbors stay active? I encourage you to talk with others and check out the kiosks to see people you may know and find out what they’re doing to stay active.

The Cabin Coffeehouse and Cafe is located at: 214 3rd Street NW, Bemidji MN 56601. Stop by this local restaurant where “Homemade is in the air!”

Natalie Gille, Bemidji resident and outdoor enthusiast