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How many "R"s in Bemidji?

Posted: Jan 19, 08:36 AM

BEMIDJI, MINNESOTA (January 19, 2012) – It depends upon who you ask. It’s too uncanny to overlook the “R” factor when looking at promotional materials for winter events in Bemidji. Take a look at the following Bemidji events that use “R”s when spelling Bemidji and you’ll see what I mean. (Twitter users also make use of the “R” factor when making cold weather comments, using #brrr and so on and so forth up to 27 “R”s!)

Brrrrmidji New Years Bike Ride (1/1/12): To ring in the new year in 2012, Diane Pittman led a group of 9 bicyclists on the annual Brrrrmidji New Years Bike Ride. This event is spelled using 4 “R”s. Nice work bicyclists, you guys are awesome biking in the snow and enjoying the great outdoors year round! To view photos of this event and other bicycling events Diane organizes, check out her Shifting Gears website at

Brrrmidji Polar Daze (1/20/12-1/28/12): I’m excited about the upcoming Brrrmidji Polar Daze kicking off this weekend. This event has chosen to use 3 “R”s and will be held January 20-28, 2012 in Bemidji at the Waterfront and a few other Bemidji locations. The Bemidji Chamber of Commerce has done a fine job at communicating the upcoming Brrrmidji Polar Daze activities. For a schedule of activities taking place during this event, visit for details. One of the activities taking place this weekend is the Jaycees Brrrmidji Plunge this Saturday, January 21 @ 1:00pm, which uses the same 3 “R” factor as the larger weeklong event. (ongoing): This is a website for Bemidji enthusiasts to come together and share stories, and also includes a blog and local weather feed. I look forward to seeing some historical information and photos surface during Paul and Babe’s 75th anniversary celebration this year (2012). This site has a vintage look and feel, with scheduled office hours during the week and office hours on the weekend…when they’re not fishing! You can also find these guys on Twitter by using @brrrmidji.

Bemidji is a vibrant city and despite its frigid winter weather, hosts events for locals and tourists alike to participate in and stay active all year round.

Stay warm and safe out there today!

Natalie Gille, Bemidji resident and outdoor enthusiast