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“Top 9” items to pack when bicycling to work.

Posted: Jan 24, 03:48 PM

BEMIDJI, MINNESOTA (January 24, 2012) – Pack these 9 items and roll out the door to the office.

 Helmet
 Bike lock
 Water bottle
 Blinky light
 Backpack or messenger bag
 Work clothes
 Lunch
 Snacks – almost always includes a banana and jar of almonds or pecans
 Raincoat

It’s only 3.64 miles from my home to my work, so in the grand scheme of things – a short bike ride. I rarely even drink much water on my ride, since it only takes 15-45 minutes, depending upon the weather conditions. I rarely fill my water bottle past half-way for work commutes, since the additional water adds weight; however, I guess there are plenty of reasons to bring extra water, if you want to be on the safe side. I don’t carry my rain gear unless the forecast calls for more than a 20% chance – another trick to keeping my pack light. I also use the smallest and lightest bag I need for my ride. I like my new Kelty Redstart, which is impressively light and weighs only 1 lb, 12 oz. This bag is fine for point A to point B travel, such as bicycling to work. However, when I’m running errands in town and need to stop and start frequently, I use my messenger bag. My messenger bag allows me to quickly load groceries and has zipper pouches that make it easy to settle up my tab, without delaying other shoppers.

This is not an all-inclusive list and can easily be tailored to your bicycling preferences. Feel free to post any questions or gear you would consider in your “Top 9”…or “Top 10”, if you want to be trendy.

See you on the trails!
Natalie Gille, Bemidji resident and outdoor enthusiast