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Ice skating at Nymore Park

Posted: Jan 26, 10:49 AM

BEMIDJI, MINNESOTA (January 26, 2012) – Ice skating at Nymore Park in Bemidji is awesome! Last night when I took the ice, my blades made new lines as I made my first lap. I skated around in a loop along the outskirts of the open rink, old school style, like you see in the photos and videos of couples and families skating at Rockefeller Center Ice-Skating Rink in New York City.

I mention New York City, because I’d like to shine a light on one difference between the “Big Apple” and our “First City on the Mississippi”, when it comes to ice skating – it costs adults $21 and youth $12.50 to skate through the newly designed igloo and enjoy an evening ice skating in New York City. In Bemidji, skating at Nymore Park is FREE.
Last night, the ice was perfect! The Nymore Park ice skating rink is a hidden gem. Upon arriving at the rink, I went into the warming house and changed into my skates, leaving my boots in this spacious, heated building and in care of the warming house attendant on staff. There are bathrooms in the warming house, and a soda machine and water fountain, if you get thirsty.

Ice skating and hockey, in particular, are very popular in Bemidji, with the Bemidji State University Beaver Hockey team competing just down the road from the Nymore Park Ice Skating rink at the new Sanford Center. This weekend coach Tom Serratore will lead the men’s team into a series versus Minnesota State University, Mankato. Tickets range in price from $20-$40, according to the Sanford Center box office. #218-441-4032

BSU Hockey game times for this weekend will be held on Friday, January 27 7:37pm and Saturday, January 28 7:07pm.

I invite you to dig out your skates, whether they are figure skates or hockey skates, both types of skating are popular at Nymore Park. There are two rinks available to cater to which ever type of skating you prefer. The hockey rink is equipped with two nets and surrounded by boards, with a high fence on three sides, to catch stray pucks from flying towards neighboring homes, figure skaters skating on the other rink, and folks entering and exiting the warming house. The open rink is boarder by a short snowbank (at least this year!) on three sides and the high fence I mentioned, on the fourth side between the open rink and the hockey rink.

Stay active this winter by ice skating at Nymore Park. Join friends and family for a pick-up game of hockey or teaching your child to skate. You’ll never regret these memorable times with family and friends, enjoying an activity that keeps you active during the winter and creates friendships that may last a lifetime.

See you on the rink!

Natalie Gille, Bemidji resident and outdoor enthusiast