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MnDOT Kicks Off A New Pedestrian Share the Road Campaign

Posted: Dec 3, 02:38 PM

The campaign was officially launched on September 25, 2012 in St. Cloud, Duluth, Rochester, Minneapolis, and St. Paul where crosswalk events were held. The slogan, “Pedestrian safety is a two-way street” emphasizes the need for everyone, pedestrians and motorists alike to take responsibility and pay attention to laws. A focused message from the campaign is importance to, effectively and safely “share the road”. Efforts like this campaign work to ensure safe multi-use streets in Minnesota. Furthermore, Share The Road provides tools to communities, schools, counties, and additional areas to do what’s necessary to ensure safety for pedestrians.

Go to then onto Share the Road- Pedestrian for more information.

The Share the Road-Pedestrian website has a variety of options for tabs to browse. The Safety Tips tab provides three main rules for both Motorists and Pedestrians to follow. Listed below each rule are more suggested safety guidelines.

The following rules are provided for motorists:

  • Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks

  • Watch for pedestrians at all times

  • Avoid distracted and aggressive driving

The following rules are provided for pedestrians:

  • Look before you cross

  • Make yourself visible to drivers

  • Avoid dangerous and distracted behaviors

From the Share the Road- Pedestrian page go click onto the Safety Tips tab for more information in suggested safety guidelines.

The website has a tab called Crosswalk Law, featured is a list of highlights to familiarize people with various laws pertaining to pedestrian safety.
The website has a tab called Crash Facts; this page contains many facts that were collected by Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash Facts Report.
There are several tabs that provide additional resources, materials, news items, and contact information.